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GoAnimate is the world's #1 “do-it-yourself” animated video site. We allow everyone to make videos quickly and easily, without having to draw or download anything. Click, Drag, Action!

Used by Educators Globally, For a Wide Variety of Uses

Used by thousands of schools in dozens of countries on every continent. Used for a wide variety of purposes including:
  • Teacher Presentation / Lessons
  • Student Presentation / Lessons
  • Student-to-Student Tutorials
  • Foreign Language Training
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Training
  • Communication & Special Cases, such as Autism, Asperger's, etc.
  • Behavioral Training (Healthy Living, School Safety, Anti-Bullying)
  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Creative Writing Platform
  • Teaching Principles of Art, Design, Storytelling
Great for flipped classrooms!

Safe, Secure Environment

Privacy & Security

Each implementation is a private, secure “walled garden”
  • Student videos cannot be found from the public internet
  • Student videos cannot be published publicly, without teacher approval
  • School home page cannot be found unless you already know the address
  • Students cannot surf public video sites from within G4S
  • No integration with social networks
  • We never take student email addresses or contact info

Group Management

Define classes and workgroups
  • Teachers can divide the students into classes and/or workgroups
  • Student video distribution can be limited to the class/group from which they are published
  • A student can belong to more than one class/group - great for multiple-teacher or school-wide implementations
  • Great way to block younger kids from seeing the videos of older kids


Scrubbed Content
  • We have ensured that all characters, backgrounds, props, etc. are school-safe. Guns, alcohol, etc. are filtered out


Stop bad word in their tracks
  • Teachers have the option to pre-moderate - to evaluate student videos BEFORE allowing them to be published to the group

Access to Premium Features at a Deep Educational Discount

All teacher and student accounts have full access to our school-safe content and tools including:
  • Quick VideoMakers - up to 30 lines of dialogue (instead of 10)
  • Full VideoMakers - unlimited video length (instead of 30 seconds)
  • Character Creator - unlimited use
  • Content Libraries - access to thousands of characters, backgrounds, props, etc.
  • Unlimited Use - make as many videos as you want!
Prices are >95% lower than buying the same number of individual "GoPlus" subscriptions.