Animated Short for Back to School

Over the summer young Ezra experiences something of a growth spurt, but what he learns about himself — and Macy and Kingston and the SuperHero — measures well beyond any yardstick. Nothing is better than Ezra! Other people are nice! To all the teachers, students, and parents out there — enjoy the first day of […]


Press and Mentions: Top 7 Highlights from #ISTE2014 (We’re #4)

ISTE2014-300x182, an international non‐profit providing fun entrepreneurship programs for elementary and middle school children, demonstrated its turnkey startup solution via its partnership with GoAnimate, the leading cloud‐based animated video production platform, as the video creation tool to power its BizMovie 2.0 program.


Site Update: Safety First in GoAnimate for Schools

Safe image via

We’re in a day and age where protecting children and students on the Internet is THE number one priority for schools and teachers. Now, every GoAnimate for Schools site has SSL enabled to add one more level of protection for teachers and their students. Instead of visiting an HTTP site, your GoAnimate for Schools site has one more letter: HTTPS.


Site Update: Introducing a New Look and Feel to Video Creating


We’re thrilled to announce that a major renovation of GoAnimate for Schools has begun. This is much more than just a fresh coat of paint! There will be major upgrades to functionality, look & feel, and the asset libraries.

Here is a list of what has changed already. We’re still working on a bunch of other changes, but thought we’d send this early update to keep you posted.


Waving Good-bye as Kerpoof Rides Off Into the Sunset


Kerpoof provided a fun, flexible tool that allowed its users to spell a picture, make a movie, make a drawing, and tell a story. Acquired by Disney in 2009, Kerpoof quickly became a child-friendly, popular creativity site for classroom use in the K-8 setting. As of April 15, 2014, Kerpoof will close their doors as their parent Disney shifts its focus toward mobile-friendly play offerings.

If you’re a former Kerpoof subscriber, we are offering a discount to new GoAnimate for Schools customers. To get yours, follow these easy steps to get started:


Introducing LerGO – Free Kids’ Education


This is what LerGO is all about: a new non-profit venture dedicated to self-education. With LerGO, anyone can create animated and interactive online lessons.


GoAnimate For Schools: First Choice For Practicing Second Languages


Our students begin learning French in grade 5, which can be a challenge to get students interested in. I introduced GoAnimate for Schools at the start of a French unit I created on basic conversation. It was used as a culminating activity that the students worked towards throughout this unit. They were excited to learn the vocabulary and do the accompanying activities because they knew that they would be able to create their own animations in the coming weeks.


Calling All Student Filmmakers…The President Of The United States Has An Assignment For You


When the President of the United States of America calls on you, the only real answer is “Yes, sir!” …are we right or are we right? We thought so.

Enter your students’ most important assignment of the year:

Make a video for the first-ever White House Film Festival!


Webcast: How To Use The GoAnimate For Schools App In Edmodo [Free Download]


Ever wondered how to navigate the GoAnimate for Schools app in Edmodo?

Need ideas for how to spice up content in your classroom?

Stephanie Schiff, our Manager of Education Products, walks everyone through the how-to in this webinar via Edmodo: CLICK TO VIEW.


Flipped Learning Served With A Side Of Fun

A Lesson on Irony

You’re ready to flip your classroom. You’ve seen it done with the usual tools and methods – screencasts, teacher-created videos, Khan Academy, or other curated videos. But what if you could flip your lesson in a fun and humorous way?