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GoAnimate4Schools is...
Simple Yet Powerful
GoAnimate 4 Schools includes a wide range of powerful yet easy-to-use animated video production tools

Students can write and record dialogue, move the characters, direct the camera, add music and sound effects - all with drag & drop tools!
Private, Secure Environment
Your GoAnimate 4 Schools account is a safe, private platform, completely fenced off from the public internet. The students' personal information and creative expression are safe and secure. Yet the platform is still flexible. With privileges granted by a teacher, videos can be shared to public sites or exported as video files, allowing students to share their work with their family.
Group Management
GoAnimate4Schools works great with multiple classes. Simply create different groups and you can control which students see which videos.

It's a perfect feature if you have older as well as younger students, with very different topics to discuss.
Content Moderation
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's why GoAnimate 4 Schools provides content moderation features -- so teachers can block inappropriate words or subject matter before they are seen widely.

Teachers can apply different levels of moderation to different groups. In some, you may choose to evaluate student videos before they are published, requesting changes as you see fit. In others, you may choose to let the students publish videos directly.
GoPlus Privileges
On GoAnimate4Schools, all users get full access to all GoAnimate features. No need for virtual currency. No additional fees.

Users can create lots of characters, make long movies, use more text-to-speech, and more..

*Please note - some production themes will not be available due to content or licensing reasons
International Language Support
GoAnimate supports over 20 different languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

For many language, we also have regional variations, such as European and Latin American Spanish, and European and Canadian French. We also have languages such as Catalan and Galician.