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Michael Jackson quería ir a Jupiter

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Created on: 2013-05-02 21:43:54
Description: Una clase de TPRS.
Eric Herman
Eric Herman says:

Note: There are a few key elements of the story-ask process left out in this video.

1) There would be a poster with the question words and the teacher would point at the word when necessary for comprehension.

2) The teacher would have actions and act out the core structure words when necessary to aid comprehension.

3) The teacher in the video speaks much faster and this video is faster-paced than a TPRS class for beginners.

4) Towards the end of the video you see that there was a student assigned the job of QuizWriter. There are more students jobs, like "English police, Storyartist, Clapper Kid, etc."

5) In the video there is no parallel character. A student plays the role of a parallel character, not to act out a different story, but to serve as a comparison to the character of the story being acted out.

6) Stories often use personalized details specific to the students in the class.

7) Details can be made more specific (e.g. There was a boy. -> There was a tall, athletic boy with red hair).