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My students work tirelessly to make sure the videos are just right. I have seen students preview the video, and go back to edit the dialogue so that it sounds right, or is explained more clearly. They are not satisfied with mediocre work. I have rarely seen this type of enthusiasm and attention to detail in 5th graders.

- Lisa Nowakowski,
5th Grade Teacher

The Common Core State Standards asks students to write arguments and to present their findings. GoAnimate allows students an engaging way to present their findings to the class using technology. Pairing the use of technology and writing in an assignment allows students to be better prepared for both college and career.

- Suzanne Rogers,
M.Ed, High School Educator

The site’s innovative digital storytelling techniques making animation a breeze and tons of fun – and I look forward to using it more in the years to come.

- James Gorcesky,
7th & 8th grade Art and Technology Teacher
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